REI WEALTH MONTHLY Issue 31 - Page 67

FOREIGN INVESTORS APPROACH TO REAL ESTATE INVESTING UNDER $50K PRITI DONNELLY Generally, our clients invest in properties for cash flow purposes rather than capital gain. If capital appreciation is what you are looking for then your ideal market would be Australia, U.K., U.S. and even Tokyo and at a considerable price. But, for steady monthly income, where yield is high, cash flow is immediate and properties are incredibly affordable, the real estate market in Japan could be an option to consider to let your cash flow investment journey begin. Priti Donnelly Priti Donnelly is the sales and marketing manager at Nippon Tradings International, a proxy and buyers’ agency representing foreign investors with purchasing, selling and managing real estate in Japan. She understands the importance of transparency in today’s international market. Through her insight, she focuses on breaking barriers and helping investors feel confident about their overseas property investments. Phone: +1 226 336 4097 / +81 3 4520 9262; Email:; Website: