REI WEALTH MONTHLY Issue 31 - Page 60

DOUBLE YOUR RETURN WITH A TAX EFFICIENT 401K STRATEGY CLINT COONS to buy and hold one property for an extended period of time. Outside of these two situations I believe the risks of investing through a self directed IRA do not justify the risks given the IRS current interest in these transactions. My preference is, and will remain, the Qualified Retirement Plan (Profit Sharing Plan or solo 401k) which offers the same, and many more, benefits over the self directed IRA. Rest assured this is not another post on why you should avoid self directed IRA, you can read these prior posts if you are in doubt, but a strategy wherein you can partner with your QRP to buy real estate. Consider John who would like to purchase a house for $200,000. John has a QRP with 150k and personal funds of $100,000. John could purchase the house in his own name with financing or he could partner w