REI WEALTH MONTHLY Issue 31 - Page 56

HOW A STRUGGLING REAL ESTATE INVESTOR BECAME THE CO-FOUNDER OF THE MOST SUCCESSFUL… STEVEN ROSENBERG We also recently launched the Realty Services side of our company. This means that we can now also locate properties for investors to purchase and we have the Real Estate Agents working for us that have the knowledge and expertise to find you the right home or sell your existing home quickly. Our plans for the immediate future are to continue to add more clients and staff and expand more offices in Houston and then start looking at other major cities in the state of Texas and around the country. We believe our business model makes Real Estate Investors profitable while managing their properties like a business, we have the systems and procedures in place to increase our portfolio of clients exponentially and we allow our employees to take ownership of their responsibilities and reward them for doing so. At Empire we believe our future as a company is very bright and would love to talk to you about our management services.