REI WEALTH MONTHLY Issue 31 - Page 55

HOW A STRUGGLING REAL ESTATE INVESTOR BECAME THE CO-FOUNDER OF THE MOST SUCCESSFUL… STEVEN ROSENBERG In 2014 we were finalists for the Business Excellence Award for best Marketing and Best Customer Service and this year we were a finalist in 4 categories (CEO of the Year, Best Customer Based, Best Customer Service and Best Marketing). We won Best Marketing Campaign in North America with a return of 1474% on our marketing investment dollars along with complete rebranding of our company and earning the most positive reviews on the internet than any other management company in the Houston area. We recently won a prestigious Better Business Bureau award as well. My business partner was the president of the Houston chapter of NARPM, as well as being on the board for HAR (Houston Association Realtors). I have been fortunate to be invited to speak to different investing groups around the country, including Canada and have been guests on many radio and podcast shows. And was just asked to consider being part of a TV reality show helping people in our old situation. Because I am still an airline pilot and fly internationally I am able to meet with investing groups and individuals around the globe to enhance our presence with investor clients. I also traveled to Australia as an international guest speaker to top tier property management companies on my expertise in the industry. I feel that this truly is an entrepreneurs story, I would not only like to share it, but think that I can add value success, from but not more only my importantly discussing our failures along the way and how we overcame them. We have doubled our revenue and tripled our size year over year and in 2016 we were nominated for several Business Excellence Forum awards such as Best Marketing Campaign, CEO of the Year, Best Company Culture and many more. Due to Empire’s overwhelming success, we are growing at an exceptional rate. We have recently opened a second satellite office in the Clear Lake Area of Houston, we have hired additional staff to manage the increase in properties that we are taking on and our employees and company continue to receive awards. Also in 2016, our company received another Better Business Bureau Business of Distinction Award, the Marketing Department was named one of the top 20 Bloggers in Real Estate across the country and our Business Development Team won a Business Development Manager of the Year award.