REI WEALTH MONTHLY Issue 31 - Page 54

HOW A STRUGGLING REAL ESTATE INVESTOR BECAME THE CO-FOUNDER OF THE MOST SUCCESSFUL… STEVEN ROSENBERG The more I learned the more attracted to the real estate world I became, mainly because it seemed to provide the most leverage of time and money while still allowing me to do what I loved, which was fly a plane. I started off doing some wholesale / flipping and eventually earned up enough capital to buy and hold. I realized that was a job and not much leverage except my time, however I had enough money to buy into an apartment complex partnership. After holding that for 3 years, myself and my business partner began to buy single family homes. We got to about 20 doors and realized we needed some management help. After having no luck with finding a management company that we felt comfortable with we decided to create our own company for self-preservation through the eyes of an investor (our own). After fixing our problems and actually running our properties like a business, they started to make a decent ROI and we resumed purchasing. We started to attract other investors asking if we can fix their problems because there’s were similar to what our issues were and we were willing to manage their investment homes. That was the birth of our management company, Empire Industries Property Management. That was about 4 years ago, today Empire Industries manages over 500 single family homes in the Houston area and we have had tremendous success with our business. We have a staff of 20 people and have become experts and educators in our field.