REI WEALTH MONTHLY Issue 31 - Page 49

IMPROVING QUALITY OF LIFE THROUGH REAL ESTATE INVESTMENT DENNIS HENSON Here’s the inside scoop… How did you get started in real estate? Dennis: “A combination of moving up from living in a small house to a large one, and badly renting out the old home, and then reading ‘How To Wake Up The Financial Genius Inside You’ by Mark O. Haroldsen.” If there is one thing you could credit your success to, what would it be? Dennis: “Maintaining a burning desire to succeed.” How did you make president of the Arlington Real Estate Association? Dennis: “I started the group in order to become knowledgeable about more REI Topics. For example; probate. If I had to do a class on that subject in front of 50 to 100 people - you can bet I was going study, learn about that topic, and master it.” What’s different about your training system from what else is out there? Dennis: “Many of the other teachers focus on one technique for examples Short Sales or Wholesaling. The biggest difference is that my training covers all areas of REI. I call it the 5 M’s of Real Estate Investing.” 1. Mining 2. Money 3. Maintenance 4. Marketing 5. Management