REI WEALTH MONTHLY Issue 31 - Page 4

Improving Quality of Life through Real Estate Investment “My training is one on one, and I am very interested in their success. There is nothing magic about my training. It is just combining knowledge with hard work. I have a system that works, if they do. “ – Dennis Henson by Bruce E Dinger Unites Local Investors with Technology by Tim Houghten with National Expos in "HOT" Real Estate Markets to Reach Magazine's Thousands of Social Media Followers by Lori Peebles that May be Costing You Money by Amanda Y. Han & Matthew T. MacFarland by Randy Hughes for Small Business Owners to Increase Cash Flow by Dr. Teresa Martin Leads the Way in Enhancing the Community by Tim Houghten (Featuring John Aaron) Became the Co-Founder of the Most Successful Property Management Company in Houston by Steven Rozenberg The “Secret Ingredient” of Overseas Deals by Clint Coons to Real Estate Investing Under $50K by Priti Donnelly Can Make Your Business Efficient and Profitable by Leon McKenzie For Financing Real Estate Assets – Learn About AssetAvenue by Tim Houghten Business Model by Gary Geist