REI WEALTH MONTHLY Issue 31 - Page 20

REALTY411 CELEBRATES NEW ISSUE WITH NATIONAL EXPOS IN “HOT” REAL ESTATE MARKETS… LORI PEEBLES Based in Santa Barbara County, Realty411 publishes Their national tour schedule was specifically created to real estate investment resources for investors and reach the "hottest" markets around the country. real estate professionals and produces real estate Realty411's schedule is as follows: expos, mixers, and meetings around the country. REALTY411'S Their publications, along with their digital monthly SCHEDULE DESIGNED FOR MAXIMUM VISIBILITY IN TOP MARKETS: magazine, REI WEALTH, have the largest social media network across online platforms such as: * FLORIDA LinkedIn, - Ft. Lauderdale - July 30th - Life's a Beach - East Facebook, Twitter, Ning, Tumbler, Instagram, Pinterest, Blogger, Google +, YouTube, Coast Real Estate Investors' Expo MySpace, and many other up-and-coming platforms. Realty411 * CALIFORNIA makes their issues available freely online and also mails out complimentary copies in - Pleasanton, Calif., - August 26th - Realty411's an effort to expand real estate education and California CA$FHLOW Conference compel others to choose real estate as a tool for building long-term wealth. Many REI WEALTH issues can also be found complimentary online, - San Jose, Calif. - August 27th - Silicon Valley's other editions cost an affordable rate of $1.99 to CREATIVE Real Estate Investors' Expo $2.99 per issue.