REI WEALTH MONTHLY Issue 31 - Page 16

REAL ESTATE PLATFORM BRELION UNITES LOCAL INVESTORS WITH TECHNOLOGY BY TIM HOUGHTEN The platform has been expanding from neighborhood to neighborhood in Northeast OH to offer new opportunities and revitalize communities. Recent projects have included fixing and flipping single family rentals, creating turnkey rentals, new One critical feature that other crowdfunding platforms forgot, or failed to development, include that you’ll love at Brelion is social functionality. You’re not just a and small apartment buildings. faceless icon in the crowd here. You actually get to engage with others investing in the same projects, and to communicate between organizers Investments are short term with and capital investors. an average timeline of around 6 to 12 months. With a minimum Brelion is open to both accredited investors with money to invest in investment of just $1,000, and local real estate projects, as well as local investors seeking capital for some projects paying monthly their projects. According to Vadim, “the platform’s intense local focus yields, this provides a great enables the team to quickly and accurately evaluate the safety, value, platform for investors to test drive and profitability of deals investors want to raise money for. They are all the results before putting in more just a few minutes away. No other platform can say that. To speed up capital, deeply the approval and funding process the firm has created a proprietary CEO algorithm which incorporates 25 plus different metrics for evaluating Vadim tells Realty 411 Magazine deals.” The team is so confident in the system that Mr. Kleyner says and diversifying that “this investors more portfolios. has to really lower helped risk, and he has personally invested his own funds in every single deal promoted on the site. enables them to invest in 20 different local projects, with the Backend support for fundraisers also includes introductions to same amount of capital they investors, facilitating project updates, fulfilling accountability to might have barely been able to investors, and dealing with taxation and bookkeeping. enter one investment outside of their comfort zone.” Delivering What Busy Professionals Need Most We were fortunate to track Vadim Kleyner down between working on real estate projects and speaking at Notre Dame where he has been helping a new generation of student entrepreneurs understand the science of marketing. In fact, before stepping into the real estate industry full time Vadim had a strong career in IT and big data.