REI WEALTH MONTHLY Issue 31 - Page 15

REAL ESTATE PLATFORM BRELION UNITES LOCAL INVESTORS WITH TECHNOLOGY BY TIM HOUGHTEN The original vision for crowdfunding was much different. It was about giving individuals access to better investments, and enabling small and midsized businesses to access capital without being captive to a few old institutions. CEO and Founder of Brelion, Vadim Kleyner, and his team recognized this, and the many gaps which have created a void for those that should be benefiting from the new JOBS Act opportunities. Then they created a new solution… in real estate is all about “location, location, location.” And since the time of the pyramids the crowd and Putting the T.L.P in Real Estate Crowdfunding There are three core components which have proven to be key to real estate success for thousands of years. 1. Technology 2. Location 3. Partnerships real estate partnerships have consistently created the most magnificent works of architecture and wealth. That’s true of monarchies which still exit today, of the 50 United States of America, and the Statue of Liberty. Yet, today’s crowdfunding platforms appear to lack unity of the crowd, or thoughtfully curated local investment opportunities for busy professionals. Brelion has changed all of this for those living in Today we still marvel at the technological and logistical genius of the pyramids. It takes new technology and tools to make progress, and Northeast Ohio. Innovation in Real Estate Investment achieve greater things. Everyone knows that winning Brelion offers an easy to use investment platform for property investors in the Cleveland, OH area. Returning to the original design concept for crowdfunding – the platform specializes in connecting local investors with local projects. Vadim explains that “failure to localize investing was a major flaw in other platforms. Now investors can confidently and efficiently invest in real estate in the neighborhoods they know, understand, comfortable with, and want to be engaged in.” are