REI WEALTH MONTHLY Issue 31 - Page 11

PRIVATE LENDING BRUCE E. DINGER The PML will be named as a mortgagee and notified if the insurance was not kept current. In the event of any damage to the property, insurance distributions would be used to rebuild or repair the property, or used to repay the PML. Kennsei Trading, Inc. Kennsei Trading Inc. is a Registered Investment Company – specialzing in buidling wealth through the financial markets, including the stock and equity markets, and the real estate market. The firm is lead by CEO Bruce E Dinger, who has over 20 years experience as an investor. Kennsei Trading Inc. has an extensive network of private money investors and understands the thought process of a savvy investor and what they look for in any investment prior to the deployment of their capital. Join Bruce Dinger for an incredible session on “Raising Private Money for Your Properties and Learn Key Cash Flow Strategies”. Also get an opportunity to tap into his Inner Circle of Private Money Investors looking for key investments. Bruce Dinger can also be reached at or 408.639.9793.