REI Wealth Magazine Issue #52 - Page 23

“Another great list to mail would be people who are in the military. They now have a home and a mortgage payment they neither want nor need.”     If you are working with the list of death notices, just  If you are working with the list of death notices, just make sure you send them a generic type of a “we buy  make sure you send them a generic type of a “we buy houses” type of letter and don’t refer to the fact that you  houses” type of letter and don’t refer to the fact that you know someone has died. This is a good way to alienate  know someone has died. This is a good way to alienate a a potential seller. I have done many deals from this  potential seller. I have done many deals from this particular mailing. particular mailing.      Another great list to mail to would be people who are  Another great list to mail to would be people who are in the military. These are people who work in the  in the military. These are people who work in the military, own a home and end up getting transferred.  military, own a home and end up getting transferred. They now have a home and a mortgage payment they  They now have a home and a mortgage payment they neither want nor need. These are excellent leads for  neither want nor need. These are excellent leads for “subject to’s”, or properties that the  “subject to’s”, or properties that the sellers will simply deed to you since  sellers will simply deed to you since generally there isn’t a lot of equity in  generally there isn’t a lot of equity in these properties and not a lot of time  these properties and not a lot of time for the seller to sell them.  for the seller to sell them.   This is a very easy list for you to  This is a very easy list for you to obtain. You would obtain a list of  obtain. You would obtain a list of everyone who has a VA loan and has  everyone who has a VA loan and has purchased their home within a specific  purchased their home within a specific timeframe in the area surrounding the  timeframe in the area surrounding the military base. This is a very good lead  military base. This is a very good lead source for you and you are also doing  source for you and you are also doing a “public service” when purchasing  a “public service” when purchasing these homes since you are solving a  these homes since you are solving a big problem for military personnel. In addition, once you  big problem for military personnel. In addition, once you have purchased a couple of these properties, you will get  have purchased a couple of these properties, you will get other leads strictly by word of mouth. I have had  other leads strictly by word of mouth. I have had excellent results with military mailings. excellent results with military mailings.   I also prefer mailing a letter to these folks as opposed  I also prefer mailing a letter to these folks as opposed to using post cards since they are more likely to open a  to using post cards since they are more likely to open a personal looking letter and read it. personal looking letter and read it.   Check out my website at  Check out my website at for all the information and tools you need to create highly  for all the information and tools you need to create highly successful direct mail campaigns to find highly qualified  successful direct mail campaigns to find highly qualified motivated sellers. motivated sellers. 23 23