Regulatory Changes

THE COLLEGE OF VETERINARIANS OF ONTARIO Effective November 24, 2015 New regulatory changes impact veterinarians THE COLLEGE OF A number of amendments made to Regulation 1093 will come into effect VETERINARIANS November 24, 2015. OF on ONTARIO The amendments include provisions that update and clarify various sections of the regulation, including advertising, medical records, and the VCPR, to reflect more modern requirements, practices, and terminology. Many of the changes are simply moving concepts from existing College policy documents into regulation, and would be familiar to practising veterinarians. The enclosed chart is intended to highlight some of the more significant changes that have been made to the regulation. To be helpful, it displays the previous and the amended versions of the changes. The chart may be a useful reference document to provide clarity and assistance for veterinarians as they work to ensure that their practices are compliant with the amendments. Veterinarians should also review the entire new regulation with all of the amendments, which may be viewed on the Government of Ontario’s e-laws website. Strengthening the veterinary profession through quality practice and public accountability.