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CHAR DAVID RELEASES GOSPEL ALBUM RX: Tell us about the making of your new Gospel album. CD: Give thanks for this opportunity to share my latest body of work with my fans all over the world. This album has been two years in the making and in my humble opinion this is one of my best productions to date. It has always been my desire to produce a gospel album as a reverence to the Most High. The title of this album is called “Breath of Life”. RX: What caused you to transition from your Roots & Culture and Lovers Rock style to Gospel? CD: The challenges of life are what led me to the making of this album. I found my soul crying out to the Lord with songs of prayers and praise. As a musician I am not limited to one genre of music. Depending on the inspiration that I feel it dictates what my next album will be. Don’t be surprised if in the near future I put out a country and western or a Jazz album. One thing I can assure you is that the lyrical content will always be uplifting and positive. RX: Will you still be doing other kinds of music apart from Gospel? CD: As long as I live and breathe I will always be creating music from various genres because it is in my blood. I came from a musical family. My dad was a sound man, selector, promoter and a DJ and my mom was a singer. As a child growing up my mom’s voice was so angelic. Family members and the local community were always thrilled to her sing. My mom was always encouraged to pursue a singing career but preferred the family life of caring for her husband and children. RX: What plans do you have for marketing and promoting this new album? CD: A single taken from the album titled “Miracle” featuring the legendary Judy Mowatt is presently getting airplay and is scheduled to be officially released early 2018 accompanied with a video. Tour dates and other releases are in the making. So far that song has been hailed as a masterpiece described as very touching and soul filling. RX: Are you a Rastafarian? CD: I am a Rastafarian because I am a follower of the teachings of His Imperial Majesty Emperor Haile Selassie I, Defender of the Christian faith. RX: Rastas view Emperor Selassie as God Almighty, how do you view Emperor Selassie? CD: I view Emperor Selassie as my Earthly Sheppard and King, His teachings has guided me to the truth and wisdom of our Heavenly Father RX: Give us your thoughts on the current state of Reggae and Dancehall music internationally. CD: Dancehall music’s lyrical content needs to step up and promote positive and uplifting messages which will teach the younger generation respect, love for themselves and each other, Dancehall music is loved all over the world with its infectious beats and can easily influence the upcoming youths to promote peace and unity universally. Reggae has always been considered the truths and rights of music and has always been a fighter of injustice and promotes peace, love and consciousness. In my opinion Reggae music has been stifled since the airwaves and clubs hardly play Reggae music. RX: In your opinion, what should an independent Reggae or Dancehall artiste be doing in order to sell more records worldwide? CD: Independent Reggae and Dancehall artist with regards to selling more records worldwide needs to promote themselves through all aspects of social media. Social media is the new forum to promote oneself at an affordable cost, RX: What advice can you give to artistes on branding and quality of music? CD: My advice to artistes on branding and quality of music is to always strive to do immaculate production. Always give it your all and stay true to yourself, RX: What else is going on with Char David? CD: As always music is my first love which has me in the studio at least once a week. I am spending a lot of quality time with my children before I have to go on tour promoting this album. At this stage in my life I am enjoying each day as it comes. I view life as a gift since tomorrow is not promised. I cherish all the simple things in life that people take for granted such as watching a movie with my loved ones or sitting down and reasoning with my brethren. RX: Breath of Life is slated to be released internationally in 2018. Char David aka Colin Levy has been working on his Gospel album for long time stating it is a reflection of his journey through life. The words in the songs are meaningful and very uplifting. “It’s not your traditional gospel music but rather music that will inspire and lift up your life everyday”.Kings of Kings Records and Publishing will be announcing the release date very soon. We can expect distribution with all on-online music Channels like Spotify and listeners will be able to purchase the album through all major retailers such as iTunes, Apple music and other social media music outlets. Fans can fr6"FfBW6ƖWg2vV'6FR6ƖWgW626@666V26ƖWgW62&VvvU6W6fRvV"6FSwwr&VvvW6W6fR6SCbS3Vâ&VvvW6W6fT&vW'26r