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REGGAEXCLUSIVE NEW VOICE IN REGGAE SUPER TALENTED VONNII IS SET TO TAKE THE MUSIC WORLD BY STORM T his young upcoming singer, song-writer, producer, and co-founder of 3Mirage Studios is said to be bringing something refreshing and exciting to the table for the music industry. Her strong head and sincere passionor music makes her even more admired by many respected names in the music industry. From the tender age of 4, Vonnii has been wowing the people with her unique, one of a kind beautiful voice, receiving a standing ovation at her grandmother’s funeral in Jamaica from a church overflowing with people. Born in Hamilton, Ontario Canada, Felicia Maragh of Jamaican and Guyanese parents, who never left their roots and the love of music, was brought up in a household where music was played daily. Taking piano lessons with her other two brothers and then being coached vocally by one of the best, Teresa Cirillo of Hamilton, and with her hard work and dedication, Vonnii has singled herself out as a solo vocalist; along with her amazing producing and engineering skills, she has built her music from the ground up. During the early stages of her vocal lessons at age 12, she shared the stage with FAB 5 at the Coca Cola Roti Festival in New Kingston Jamaica, where she gave them an unforgettable performance. She has songs in the marketplace such as “Good Good So”, collaboration with her father Desi Ranks as well as her brand new released track in December of 2017. Her newest single “Pass the Ball” was produced by The Musical Ambassador Trevor Elliott and is causing a huge buzz right now with lots of radio stations playing it. The track is comprised of a remake of Tony Tuff’s “Pass the Ball” and the melodies of Dennis Brown’s “Have You Ever Been in Love”, laid perfectly on the new Prison Oval Remix Riddim. Vonnii entered Sir Rockwell’s RDB Top 10 at #9 and Desi Ranks moved up to #2. She aspires to be one of the best producers and songwriters there is. Producing is her first love and that puts sleep on the back burner. Do keep a look out for this young, beautiful and passionate artiste who is coming to you not like a ‘choo-choo train’, but a ‘fully loaded turbine’ well poised for success. SHANN-I O ritte Taylor aka Shann-I, a naturally talented and gifted young man from Kingston Jamaica, has multiple talent. Ever since an early age, he has been singing, dancing, involved in drama, playing football and cricket. At age 9, he attended a Performing Arts program which allowed him to hone his talent and mastered most of it by the age of 14, at which time he migrated to the United States with his mom in hopes of furthering his dreams. Adapting to American life wasn’t easy as he struggled through high school. It was at this stage of the game that he decided to take his music to the next level. He started to go by the name Shann-I which is his middle name that means ‘King’ in Hebrew and started writing his own songs. The first song “Mama” inspired him to continue writing and has done just that ever since. Now with a few songs under his belt and a promisi \Y\[RH۝[Y\\ۈ[[[H[]Y]\[ۈYHܛ[[XZXH[[]\]H\ܚ[ۈXZ[[H\[\[[YKSS”SQB [[[Y’[XZXHHܛH]\H][H8'[H]\8'HX] XYBܞKHۙ\HY[X\\XYH^[H[[Z[HH\[HYHܙX][\X[H[Z[[ܙX]YHH]YY[[Y'Y\[“X]ۚ[Š[ܛ[x'KHۙXYBXZY\܈[Y[\X]\Yۈ[HY[œ][ۜ][YB[\Z[Y[\ܝ[\[[XZXH[[X]\Y\BH[HۈH[XZX[Y[[^H[\[[Yܜ܈[[\ۙBXܛH\XX[[H\]\K[\\[]\H[ K[[[H\[\H]ݙ\[Z[[\Y\YHX[X][ۙ\ZHHXZ™HH]\X[\K[ LHXܙ[Y[][YۘBYZ[\HXܙY\[H8']Z]x'HX\X]\Yۂ\YH][[&\X[X^ۈPH L QH][\H[YH L KHKH[ܚ[]\]HY[][ۋ8']Z]x'HXX[][[ۈXY[[\Y]ۈHۈ]\]HY[œ[[XZXK[[YۈY\]ۙX\¸'[X8'[8']\'K[ LHH\ܛYY]H]H[XZX[]H\][ H[žYX\ۙZH8'[\8'HX] HK8'\H\8'HX] ]Y 'XYH[x'K8'\[X^['H[8'[\Yx'HX] [ۙ\H[X\Y YܙH[[[[XZ[]H\ [\\X¸'Y[X'K[ M8'Y[X'H[8'ZYHZYx'HY[YXۈHܛYH\ۙ\HZ[ۙB\ܝYHY[[][ۜ\[\\^\ܛYKX]HY[܈8'Y[X'Hۈ[UXK]܈]X[ܙHH[Y[ N YYV\]H KHX]N˜YY^\]KH KKHۙN MMLNKL H KH[XZ[YY^\]P\˘H H