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INTERNATIONAL NEWS (Ajang Media Jamaica) (Con’t. From Pg 16) will be held on December 25th, 2017 at Luana Sports Complex, Black River, St. Elizabeth, and will once again feature a stellar lineup of high-quality reggae and dancehall artistes. Now in its 17th year, the GT Taylor Extravaganza ranks as one of the longest-running reggae events in Jamaica. Recipient of the 2017 JARIA Award, Irie FM ‘Show of the Year’ in 2007 and Links FM ‘Show of the Year’ in 2010,the annual reggae stage show has become synonymous with Christmas night for music lovers throughout Jamaica. Christmas Extravaganza is produced by Irie FM personality GT Taylor and has enjoyed the support of Jamaica’s top artistes. The show is renowned for its professional organization and has been incident-free over the 16 years of its staging. This has made the product extremely attractive locally and internationally, as a calendar event. Cha, Boom Boom and many more. Saturday Dec. 30, 2017 from 10PM - 4PM, JamRockOne Media will be providing Picture, Video & Drone Coverage. BUGLE Bugle has a brand new single out entitled “Social Media” feat. Wayne Marshall. The “Way to Life” video with Onesty ft. Bugle will be shot in January 2018. PETRAA G rowing up in Leeds, England, where she was born Petraa always had a love and passion for Music. Although her love for Music was awakened in England, it wasn’t until moving to Toronto, Canada in 2003 with her family that she wo [[[H]\[H^ܙH[\\B\\[ۋӑHՑHSUTTHӔS”ۙHݙH\[8&ۙHݙB[]\\x&H]]]][ۂX[H\YHZH[P[\HX[X]\[^K[H[H[X[H[ܙK]\X˜HۙHݙKܘ^H\Hۜ[\H[][BۈH8&[[[\&HY[B[]Y8'[\][ܸ'KHX\œXYBZ[“]\X”X[ۂ[[]Y[\Z[Y[ \[ٙH\X\[[[[[[[ZX]XB\ܛYYY]H]Hوܛ۝[XXX[Hو&[&PYYBX\[Hۈ\\^KH][Y[ܚ[]\]H[ܛ۝\BH\ݙ\YHHوHۋX[\\Y[][ۈH L KHBPLL HJK]\\H]]XH[Z[H]ܘHق^\Y[HX]H[[][Z[H[\[[وB]\X[\H[Y[ˈY\ܚ[]HY[][ۈ܈H[K]XH[YHXܛH\[\\܈X[\\ۚZXܙˈ[Y]XHݙYY[]\X\[\[[ˈHH[\\ۚZ]\HYY][ˈYYHYۚ[HX[[ ]XH\ܛYY[\H]YHو8&]HH[\\&K]H\ܝوZ[”]YKSو\\ۚZHX[]H\H\ܝYYY[”]XHXXHY\]YY[HY[\Y]]\]X]\X[H\Y]HوXX][ۜˈY\X]\[ۈH[K']\x'H]X[X]H[HHۙY[Z[[\]BۈY[][ۜ[ۈ]X]\XˈH[HXZ]Y[]\B][ܚ&\ГLˍ[YۙY\H܈\\ۙ]YX\[Y[Y[YYH[[܈]XKY\YX\ق\X\[\[[ܛ۝H[Y&]Y[ZHH\][\™\ZXY]\]\XH^HHYY ]\]][]XHXYHHY܈YX\[ۋ\X\[ۈY\X\[XYH[H\[و[XZXK[Y ]XH][Y[XZXBX[ܝݙ\H^YX\]\۸&][[ M]]XBY[\\]\X[\^H[ܘHYZ[]XHY]\]^[[ۙ8'^x'H[[[HH8'^H[\Z[Y[8'H[\\Xو8'HXXܙ'H[^[KHH\šۛۈ܈X[HYX\[\[H[X\Yۈ\]ڙX \X][[KYYV\]H KHX]N˜YY^\]KH KKHۙN MMLNKL H KH[XZ[YY^\]P\˘H H N