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I t is freezing outside and I am always looking for ways to stay warm. The best way to do that is through my tummy. Oven roasted jerk veggies are a great go to snack. An authentic jerk seasoning always makes a recipe turn out with spicy, mouthwatering perfection. Alas, this frigid weather makes it almost impossible to get quality fresh ingredients. Let’s face it; we are not all kitchen geniuses. Enter Reggae Kitchen Jerk Seasoning. Over 200 years ago, in post slavery Jamaica, a woman seasoned, cooked and sold her meat with a mix of herbs. Generations later would grow into 10 flavors of Jerk spice. What began as a marriage of African and Indian spirit has now evolved into the premium taste of Reggae Kitchen Jerk seasoning. Beginning in 2004, one simple natural ingredient recipe began the journey that transformed into ten. Offering flavors so versatile, these sauces can be used to season and marinate vegetables, pork, beef, fish and seafood. All natural ingredients make excellent dipping- alone, mixed with a prepared recipe or sour cream as well, pairing amazingly well with crackers, cheese, fruit and vegetables. There are five varieties (original, mango, tamarind, pepper and extra hot) currently available in stores stretching from Brampton to Ajax, including Maple Lodge. With prices less than $7.00 a bottle, you will want to stock up on this fantastic rendition that pays homage to its Boston Bay, Portland roots; with 2018 just around the corner look forward to two infusions: curry and masala. Also three new takes on the ‘TIS THE SEASONING By Euphemia Thomas recipe: 2 pepper sauce, ginger onion pumpkin and sweet pepper. The progeny of this delectable blend, Wayne Reid, had such a strong love of cooking that at the age of 10, with the aid of his uncle, built a small jerk shack in Ocho Rios. This endeavor started his journey into the culinary arts. By age 15, having moved to Canada, Wayne was offering marinating services to his neighbors and friends within his community. Ever the artist, he reflected this passion in many ways. Being nominated for a Reggae Juno, venturing into acting and donating his time locally through mentoring are just some of the ways Wayne has sowed the seeds of his family’s legacy. His family, a passion for cooking and ease in front of the camera spurred a cooking series on YouTube, showcasing Reggae Kitchen Jerk seasoning. Subscribe at reggaekitchenshow and watch for upcoming episodes. Do you have fabulous recipe? Not sure how to get exposure? Here is the extra push to get your product out there. In keeping with a holiday and philanthropic spirit Reggae Kitchen also offers co-branding and investment opportunities. Thus if you have a sauce or similar good or service, contact the organization. They can help you make it happen. Not only does this seasoning warm your stomach, they can help you ‘line’ your pockets. You can email them at: and moreover order the sauces with PayPal payment. Get inspired. Have a wonderful holiday “season” and stay warm. D’JANGO PAN FYAH D ’jango Pan Fyah is a two time Caribbean Music & Entertainment Award Winner. Roy Mc Rae aka D’jango Pan Fyah, was born in Guyana into a musical family. His father is a percussion player, his mother is a gospel singer; his uncles are all Steel Pan makers and players. At age five D’jango began playing the Tenor Pan with one of Guyana’s most popular band called “Guynec Superstars”, headed by his uncle Washi. D’jango further studied music at the University of Guyana. His first big event was when he represented Guyana as a soloist at the 1996 World Steel Pan Individual Solo Festival held in Trinidad and Tobago. D’jango migrated to Canada 1998, formed Xplosion Band in 2001, and started as a soloist in 2007. He has shared the stage with a number of artistes including David Rudder, Half Pint, The Mighty Sparrow, Pamela Maynard, Ken Booth, Marcia Griffiths, Ernie Smith, Wayne Wonder, The Drifters, Taurus Riley and many more. He has performed at many festivals throughout the GTA, USA, and Jamaica. D’jango has recorded two Steel Pan albums and is currently working on his original mix album. He is known as one of Canada’s most versatile musicians/artiste. He also provides private music lessons and workshops throughout the community. Contact D’jango @ 647-285-8924. G LOC RELEASES 2 SMASH HIT SINGLES! “Suffer & Bend Over” FB @G Loc /Andre gloc Williams IG @iamgloc / Twitter @iamgloc Bookings: Play2win Entertainment P: 1-416-953-1571 / 1-876-298-4138 / E: reggaeXclusive -- Web Site: --- Phone: 416-519-0831 -- Email: Pg - 17