ReggaeXclusive web dec2017 - Page 11

G LOC IS POISED TO CONQUER THE WORLD RX: Tell the people who G Loc is. GLoc: G Loc is a humble individual doing music because of the love for it and the joy it brings me. I was born in Kingston, Jamaica. Can’t truly remember what age I started just always remembered me doing it. RX: Your inspiration and why dancehall? GLoc: I was inspired by the love for my culture growing up and listening to the music from young in primary school, singing and the love for the music. I don’t only doing dancehall; I do other types of music too. RX: Do you write your own songs? GLoc: I do write my own music. I get my inspiration from real life situations that has happened to me or people I know. It also comes from how I feel. RX: Tell us about the making of your new single “Suffer