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CHATTA IS ON THE ROAD TO SUCCESS RX: Who is Chatta? CHATTA: Chatta is The Speed of Consciousness because her style is that of a rapid lyrical tongue, and nothing but consciousness leaves her mouth. She dreams big, creates big, and she’s not afraid to display her exotic extraordinary image and dare to be different. Her alter ego ‘Chat Woman’ reflects her meek, mild, sleek demeanor with an inner burning fire of courage, fortitude, and valor. She is also a Doctor of Natural Medicine, and a dedicated born Humanitarian. RX: How did you come by the name Chatta? CHATTA: It was in grade 10 when I had a talent show coming up. I would often go to a record store at Malvern Mall to purchase 45s for the versions/instrumental on the back. I mentioned to the Clerk that I was looking for a hype riddim. A stander by who identified himself as the Artist Snow’s Manager, or part of his Management Team said, “Let’s hear your style, so we can match you up”. Being the shy reserved person I was, that did not stop me; I gave them a sample and had fun while doing so, for two total strangers. When they heard the rapid tongue, I heard roars before I could finish my verse! I was asked to come back the next day, because they were expecting a new shipment. I returned the next day, and Snow’s manager said, “You know I was thinking about your talent last night, and I said to myself, your name has gotta be Baby Chatta, cau yuh chat faws” … as a result due to my rapid lyrical tongue, and his approved suggestion, I was Baby Chatta up until I entered University. Upon graduation, I said I’m grown now, so I will remove the “Baby” and ever since it has been Chatta. RX: Why did you choose reggae dancehall? CHATTA: Well, I believe you’re a product of your environment. My parents played lovers rock, ska, dancehall, and soul all the time so I was exposed to it. There are quite a few musicians in my family, so I started in elementary school from age 10 to 12. My elder brother Mark also has a rapid tongue when Deejaying. I would often just watch him and his friend Lindo P, my Uncle Mervin (Lefty, also a rapid tongue), chat some lyrics and I’d stand by and absorb as they held sessions in my garage. My aunt is also Queen Majesty (also a rapid tongue) from the Love Bunch, a veteran Toronto sound crew. In addition, listening to ReggaeMania hosted by Ron Nelson every Friday night was a big inspiration because I wasn’t allowed to go out to clubs during my teenage days so that was my excitement. I would listen, dance in my room, and mimic Bounty and Papa San in the mirror. I was definitely inspired by my elder Brother Mark, as well as Lindo P, Beenie Man, Bounty Killer, Lady Saw, Lieutenant Stitchie, Papa San, and Capleton. Those who heard my sound were captivated right away, and I won almost every talent show I entered as a youth. Therefore, being an introvert, dancehall has brought out my inner voice and it’s refreshing to unleash it on stage as my outlet. RX: Music you released and people you have worked with. CHATTA: I have an EP called “The Speed of Consciousness”. It was from that first EP where the birth of my slogan evolved. I may speed Deejay, yet one can always guarantee that whatever comes out of my mouth would have some sort of positive reflection. Included in that EP, I have singles such as “The Burning Truth”, “Bun Dung”, “My Flow in Toronto” and “The Speed of Consciousness”. Throughout my career I’ve worked with notable engineers such as Django, Roscoe, Sam Weller, and Bobby Digital to name a few. Artists King Ujah and Mikhal Fury were involved in my first recordings while producing the Speed of Consciousness. I further went on to release tracks such as “Mission Statement” and “Complain Not” produced by Django, “Mango Love” (Bobby Digital), aided by Ras Jockie, “Pawty from Mawnin to Mawnin” recorded alongside Chuckle Berry, “Ethiopia” (project of Mountain Edge Band), “Ganja Tea” (produced by Chris at Newbran Music), “Clear off Dutty Heart” and “Murderah – Lef We Black Man Alone” and “Holiday Time” (recorded at Smokeshop Studio with support by Tony Anthony), and the newest release “Unload the Gun”. The current weight of support comes from God intermediate family. RX: Where is your Music being played? CHATTA: Chatta has been spotlighted on local radio by Dj Cool 102.7fm Radio Waterloo, Dj Chocolate, Scabba G 89.5fm, Patrick Roots 89.5fm and Natty B to name a few of our distinguished Djs; as well as on various Jamaican radio stations such as Uptempo Saturdays, Suncity FM, New Talk FM, Hitz 92 FM, RJR 94 FM, E Factor and Newspaper coverage in The Jamaica Star and Jamaica Observer. The list continues to expand on a global scale, and I’m excited about that. RX: What is new for Chatta? CHATTA: With the recent epidemic of gun violence I felt the need to write about the situation so the newest track is called “Unload the Gun”. This is not only local but unfortunately extremely prevalent internationally. Life is so precious, and the youths and families are always in my prayers, so hearing about the demise of anyone affected by such heinous crimes really touches the heart of many. Following will be tracks such as 90s Sittin’ and “I’m a Winner, Always a Winner” to name a few. RX: What inspires you to write? CHATTA: Happiness RX: Your process when preparing for a stage show CHATTA: I never neglect to say my usual prayer upon rising in the morning in giving thanks for another day. Then, I mentally step into the zone from the start of the day, ensuring to eliminate all negative energies, remain happy, execute and unleash Chat Woman. RX: Short and long term goals CHATTA: Very shortly a video for “Unload the Gun” will be released. Following will be tracks such as 90s Sittin’ and “I’m a Winner, Always a Winner” to name a few. RX: Dancehall artiste you would like to collab with and why (SEE PAGE 10) reggaeXclusive -- Web Site: --- Phone: 416-519-0831 -- Email: Pg - 9