ReggaeXclusive Summer 2018 - Page 26

CANADIAN MUSIC ICON MICHIE MEE M ichie Mee is known within the music industry for her unique rap style of combining reggae and dancehall with Hip Hop. Many successful artistes have followed in Michie’s footsteps using this gifted technique. With over two decades in the entertainment industry, the Juno nominated rapper and actress is not only an inspiration for female musicians, but also all artistes nationwide. Aside from her life as an entertainer, Michie is also a mother who makes it one of her duties to keep involved with today’s youth. Knowing firsthand the twists and turns artistes often face in entertainment, Michie is an avid supporter of children striving to achieve a good education. Michie herself left university after her music career began to soar and has always spoken openly about the importance of education. Michie continues to enhance her abilities to attract diverse roles on television and film. She was featured in the 2011 CBC Hip Hop documentary “Love, Props and the T. Dot”; this trailblazer’s saga sti ۝[Y\ˈZXYHYYx&\ZYۈ\]YY[\\Bݙ\ZXYH\H \[YX[\Xܙ[\\Yۈ[[Y\X[XZ܈XܙX[ [\HX\Y[وH L[\[و[YB]\  LSPY][YHXY][Y[]\  MX[YX[]\܈\[X[H\X [[X[HXYH\ܞH[[Bܛ۝\[[8&H\ۈ[]\8&Hو LˈHH\ۂ[]\Xۚ^\ܙX]]K\ܛZ[YZ[\]]K[Y\܂[[X۝X][ۜܛ۝&\]\X[YHHH\ۋ[[XH܂ܙ[^][ۋ\ˈYYH\HSوPHX\[PH[ˈ[™ܝ\]]\X[ N STӔԔшH SPSPӒUSӈUTœYYV\]H KHX]N˜YY^\]KH KKHۙN MMLNKL H KH[XZ[YY^\]P\˘H H