ReggaeXclusive Summer 2018 - Page 24

THE INCOMPARABLE CHAR DAVID RX: What has been going on with Char David? CD: Musically, I am in the process of wrapping up the production for my soon to be released songs of praise album titled “Breath Of Life”. I am also preparing for a promotional tour to promote this album. RX:Tell us about your upcoming show, the Cancer Survivor Fundraiser. CD:The upcoming show features Coco Tea and Louie Culture amongst other exceptional reggae artistes. This fundraising event is to help bring awareness to the community at large. Part proceeds will be donated to cancer society for research into a cure for prostate cancer. I would like to extend a special thanks to brother Coco Tea and Louie Culture for supporting this worthy cause. I would love to see the support from my Canadian based musical family. We all know someone who has been affected directly or indirectly by cancer which is very prevalent in today’s society. Please come out in honor of loved ones. Iron sharpens iron, and the countenance of one brightens another. CD:My plans to promote “Miracle” consist of releasing a documentary video that relates to the story of the song. College and mainstream radio will be targeted as well as social and print media. This song is not just for entertainment. It’s more of a social commentary where parents and youths can relate. RX:Why is it so important for you to do this fundraiser? CD:This fundraiser is in memory of my family members starting from my great grandfather, grand uncles and my dad. There is a family history. My desire is to help create awareness and eradicate this disease from plaguing families leaving so many innocent victims. RX:What was it like working with Judy Mowatt? CD:Working with Judy Mowatt was a very easy and pleasurable experience. Judy is an awesome talented musician and brings a lot to the table. I have been working with Judy for over fifteen years so things always run smoothly between u ̸́٥)ɕͥ$ٕ䁡ɕȁѡ)չѼ͕ݥѠȁЁ)չ͕)I` ȁ٥ٽȰݡЁ٥)ԁٔѼՙɥɽѡ͕͔́) QЁ٥$ٔѼٕ役́Ѽ)Ё啅ɱͥͥɱ䁑ѕѥ)ѡɕݕѠ) Ȱ՝Ёѡх)ɽ٥́ɔͥѥٔэЁѡ)䁕ɍ͔ͥѥٔѥՑ́ѡ)Ѽѡ䁱M՝ݥѠɽхє)ȁյȁ啅́́ѱ)ɍ͕щȁ쁵䁙Ѡѡ5)!́ݡЁ́$ݽձѼ)ѡٕ役ѡЁ́ɕЁѼ)ɥɅ́ѡȁչٕ݅ɥи)I`Q́Ёѡȁ܁ͥ+q5ɅtݥѠ)Ց5݅и) Qѡ܁ͥݥѠ)Ց)5݅Ёٕ݅́䁕ѥ$ͅ܁ȁ她)ɔѡͥɥѡɕɑ)͕ͥЁЁѡɽՍȁɕ)ɕЁѼɕ͍ձѡ͕ͥՔѼ)ѡѥѕͥ䁥ѡՑ5)ѡɽՍѥѕͅѡ́ͽɽ՝)ѡѼѡɥ́)Ց)5݅ӊéЁЁͽ́ѥѱq )]t)I`ÁѼɽєѡ́ͥ)I`]Ё́ݥѠ-́-)Aɽѥ) QЁѕ́ɕ͕ѱݽɭ)ɽ́ѼɔչѡQ)ѥٕ́ɔѼх-́-́Ѽ)ȁٕ)I`eԁݕȁ܁́́ɕɑѥє)ɽѕȁЁѡȁѡ̰ݡ)ѡ͔х́ݥԁͥݡ) 5ͥѥݥ݅́)ͥ5䁙Ёٔѥѥٕ)݅́م́ѥݡ݅́ͽمɥ)Ёɥ́ɽ́ѡͱ)$e)͕͕́ѽ́́$͔Ѽ)$ݥ݅́ɕѥͥ$ͼݥ)ͥͥȁѥݡ́)ɕͥ䁍ɕѥ٥)I`ѡ͔ԁݽձѼ) 5䁵ͥ́Ѽɥє)ٔѼѡѡ́ѽ䁅ѽɽܸ)$݅ЁѼɕєݡѡɔ)Ʌѥ͔́љɴѼمє)ѡ̸͕ٕ5ͥݥٕȁ́ѡ)ͽɍѡЁչѕ́ɥѽѡȁ)ٔɵ)ɕaͥٔ]Mєܹɕ፱ͥٔAشĀɕ፱ٕͥɽ̹A