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VIEWS mainstream, it is still there. The trail that Bob Marley blazed is undeniable. THE GRAND ILLUSION By: Brian Kotler C anada is the country where most of us currently reside. The population is approximately 35 million. It is almost 10 million square kilometers in size with ten Provinces and three Territories. Major cities are Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver, Calgary, Ottawa, Edmonton, Quebec City, Winnipeg and Hamilton. You will find reggae music, reggae fans and reggae artistes in all of these places. While it may not be Top 10 or While a few Toronto radio personalities do make an effort to play more than just the Canadian artistes of Toronto, most don’t. Special kudos goes to who consistently plays music from artistes across Canada and the globe. The excuses why the vast majority don’t are very lame and untrue. Just because they don’t like the producer or how the artiste looks or ‘whatever’ the excuse, should not stop good quality music from being played! Toronto based artistes need to recognize that there is a huge market outside of the Greater Toronto Area; they should explore and be introduced to Canadian Music from all its reggae communities. ReggaeXclusive Entertainment Magazine, being the only one of its kind, has an awesome ‘Reggae Radio Listing’, read and utilize it. Canadian Reggae Music artistes are watching from the outside. Few exceptions are the ReggaeXclusive Recognition Awards and the Caribbean Music and Entertainment Awards. Unfortunately we have seen enough of those ‘other’ Award shows, Sound Clashes and so on that are supposed to be representative of Canada yet all the contestants, nominees or players live within 80 km of each other. How many times do I see charts, events or panels with ‘Canadian’ and ‘Reggae’ in the title but its only people from the 416, 905 and 647 that are involved, with maybe occasional ‘rare’ exception of an outsider. Now, that isn’t truly Canadian! We should be working together and not just for ourselves. It’s time to reach out across all of Canada. It is not lost in my psyche that Toronto is where the majority of the ‘movers and shakers’, ‘Elders’ and ‘big promoters’ reside, but it is time to overlook personal interests, cliques, repetition, favouritism and greed. Especially in an industry, culture and music that signifies ‘One Love’. It is expected that any artiste from outside the major market must ‘bring their A game’ to the table, then and only then can the full potential of an industry that has penetrated every country in the world reach its full potential. No longer on an international stage will any artiste hailing from Canada be considered any less than that of any other country. It seems that when awards and other accolades are being bestowed it’s another Toronto Artiste only party, according to my opinion. Meanwhile the rest of the reggaeXclusive -- Web Site: --- Phone: 416-519-0831 -- Email: Pg - 19