ReggaeXclusive Summer 2018 - Page 12

PRINCE EVERALD GEARING UP FOR SUMMER SHOWS P rince Everald is getting ready for the summer vibes. Check him out at ReggaeXclusive’s 7th Annual Recognition Awards on July 7th at the Toronto Plaza Hotel; at the 1st Annual Single Mother Festival on August 24th at the De Runa Banquet Hall and at Conscious Kings on November 3rd. Listen out for more GWAN WID IT FADA PRICE new songs coming ada Expensive Price has released yet from Prince Everald another blazing dancehall single. “Gwan soon. Check him out on Instagram and Wid It” is on the Priceless Riddim produced by Facebook @Prince Smokeshop Studio and Fada Price. Also the Body Rock Video is now out on You Tube on Everald. Channel RJ-DjChigga – Fada Expensive Price F You Tube channel. Check it out. RAS MORGAN’S NEW EP “COMING AT YU” Bookin 1 ́AɽՍѥ)聉ͱ)A耬д)]Í5ɝܤ̴)Y܁ɥɰ٥聡輽ܹՉ݅эME1)ɕaͥٔ]Mєܹɕ፱ͥٔAشĀɕ፱ٕͥɽ̹A