ReggaeXclusive Summer 2018 - Page 10

RX: Something about Chatta that we don’t know CHATTA: I’m a bike collector. I own a variety of bicycles anywhere from mountain bikes, to vintage cruisers, folding cruiser, BMX, hybrid, road bike, electric bikes, and a low rider to name a few. I’ve always loved bike riding the day I learned to ride a bike. As a youth, my older brother would wake me up in the middle of the night and ask, “Wanna go on an adventure?”. Then we’d sneak out and ride to Pizza Pizza, the 24-hour Convenience Store to buy candy, you name it. Little sis tried frantically to keep up. I guess that’s how I built my soccer legs. Those rides were so exciting! CHATTA (Cont’d from Pg 9) CHATTA: I’d be honored to do a song with my long-time crush Beenie Man. Much of my style and movements is birthed from his nature. I’ve met him several times personally and his kind heart and spirit is what attracts me to his aura. I’d also love to do a track with Bounty Killer, after all I’ve been mimicking him for all these years and what a vibe that track would have. Thank you to those veterans for their immense contribution to the dancehall industry, as well as for the cultivation of Chatta. RX: Favorite color, sport, shows, food, drink, fruit CHATTA: Ooooh some convivial questions; Chatta’s favourite colour is Rust Orange. My bedroom walls are painted in this colour as it’s very warming. The psychology of orange is very optimistic and uplifting, and revitalizing to the spirit. Colour plays a great role in healing and overall mood. Orange brings spontaneity, and I’m naturally spontaneous to begin with. Orange helps one to have a positive outlook on life and is a great color to use during tough times, keeping one motivated and helping to look on the bright side of life. Orange is the sacral chakra color which is composed of red and yellow and therefore a color of vitality and strength. Orange represents the sacral chakra, which it is located in the pelvic area, as orange is the area of our gut feelings and wisdom. The sacral chakra is the second chakra located 3 inches below your naval. It is associated with the emotional body, sensuality, sexuality, and creativity. It reminds me of the heat of the sun and has been the colour I’ve adored for a very long time. My Favourite sport is Soccer. I play all year round and have been since elementary school. Centre Forward or Forward Wing or Striker are my positions. It’s another outlet for me to release built up energy and emotions. My favourite shows are Three’s Company and The Golden Girls. It’s my type of humour. They’re sooo funny and brings me back to the old days when watching those shows with my Mommy. Such feel good shows. I often play a few episodes before writing music as I own the full box sets for both shows. I do not enjoy or watch any sort of violent, horror or gore content. Family shows with positive vibes is what I enjoy. My favourite foods are Watermelon and Mangoes. The foods I eat are all healthy, organic, clean []K[و^Hۜ[\[ۈ\H]ZX\Y]H^K[YHY[X]]8&\[ܙH[ۙHYX[B^K^Hۜ[\[ۈ[Hۜ\وZ]Y]X\[XY][YYˈ\܈[[\\H\HYH\\[[YH^H[\HY[[K\X[K\]X[H[[[[ۘ[K]HYY]^\HܙX]H[]Z[[][[K[BX^H[H[\]\ۈ]HH\][˘]KB܂[XZ[]X]XZ[ B[XX]X]˂Z\]H[X\\][HX] [\[ۂٙو\[[H8' QTшՑx'B]Z[XHۈU[\ۈ[HYYV\]H KHX]N˜YY^\]KH KKHۙN MMLNKL H KH[XZ[YY^\]P\˘H H L