Reflections Magazine Issue #54 - Fall 2000 - Page 37

Alumni News Photo by Bob Gordon 37 Explore our Dominican roots: Travel & Study in France in 2001 iena Heights students and alumni are invited to join travelers from other Dominican institutions for the 2001 Fanjeaux Seminar in France, scheduled May 21-June 6, 2001. This annual program—which includes 11 days in Fanjeaux and 3 days in Paris—is open to students, alumni, faculty, and staff from the 22 Dominican colleges and universities in the U.S. Fanjeaux, located in the south of France, is where St. Dominic served as parish priest when he founded the Dominican Order in 1216. Undergraduate student participants enroll in a 3-credit class in medieval history from Dominican University. Faculty, staff and alumni will participate in a seminar on the Dominican tradition in American higher education. In addition, professors Mark Schersten (philosophy) and Bob Gordon (graduate studies) will teach a section of “History and Philosophy of Ideas” (GRS 601), a course which is required in all Siena master’s programs; enrollment in that section is limited due to housing constraints. In Fanjeaux, weekday mornings are spent in one of the three seminars; afternoons and weekends are spent touring significant “Traveling to Fanjeaux was one the best trips of my life. I hope you all can go.” Trudy McSorley ‘70 historical and cultural sites. Three Dominican sisters from other institutions host the seminars and serve as tour guides. The three groups share meals and tours. All instruction is in English. This past summer, the undergraduate student rate was $1750, including room, board, local tours, some museums, and tuition but excluding airfare; the alumni/faculty/staff rate was $1375 (no tuition). Rates for 2001 will be comparable. Round trip airfare from Detroit to Paris to Toulouse will be roughly $800, making the estimated total cost about $2550 for undergraduates, $2175 for alumni. Tuition for “History and Philosophy of Ideas” will be the regular rate of $870, making the estimated cost for GRS 601 students about $3,045. People from Siena Heights who have participated in past Fanjeaux Seminars are Simone Yehuda (1996), Bob Gordon (1997, 1999), Sr. Pat McDonald ‘69 (1997), Peggy Treece Myles (1998), Mary Weeber ‘83 (1999), Heidi Walberg (1999), Susan Conley Weeks ‘67 (1999), and Trudy McSorley ‘70 (2000). Past participants would be happy to discuss the experience with anyone considering the 2001 Seminar. For details or further information, contact Bob Gordon on the Adrian campus by phone (517-264-7663), fax (517-2647714), email ( or regular mail.