Reflections Magazine Issue #54 - Fall 2000 - Page 36

Alumni News 36 Here’s a handy glossary and guide to speaking “graduation” for all who hold a degree from Siena Heights. alumna: a female graduate. “My mother is an alumna of Siena Heights. So is my sister.” Attention CIS, Math and Science Alumni id you major in biology, chemistry, mathematics or computing? Are you an engineer or an actuary, a doctor or veterinarian, a teacher, computer programmer, or allied health professional? Do you read with interest about cloning, chemical spills, or technology? Whether you majored in math, science or computer and information systems (CIS), or simply have an interest in science and technology, Siena Heights would like to hear from you. In conjunction with the $1.9 million renovation of the Computing, Mathematics and the Sciences (CMS) Division facilities on the Adrian campus, we are planning an alumni gathering next fall, around Alumni Weekend. We hope to spotlight some of the issues facing science and technology today, while offering alumni an up-to-date view of our CMS programs and giving current students a chance to learn from our alumni about their fields of interest. Sound interesting? Let us know. We’ll contact all CMS majors—but we hope to hear from B.A.S. and allied health majors, too. We look forward to bringing our alumni, students and faculty together next fall for an outstanding math, science and CIS event! For further info, contact Jennifer Hamlin Church ( or Karen Glaser ( in the Advancement Office. Transcript Request Information alumnus: a male graduate. “John, are you a Siena Heights alumnus or did you attend some other school?” alumni: a group of graduates, either all male or mixed male and female. “I’m inviting Jim and Joan and some other Siena alumni over for dinner. Would you like to join us?” Alumni is a plural word; thus, an individual cannot be “an alumni”. Each person is either an alumna or an alumnus. Those are singular words. alumnae: a group of all-female graduates. “My grandmother and her friends are alumnae, too. Did you know Siena Heights was an all-women’s school until the late ‘60s?” ou may request an official transcript in person, in writing or by fax. All requests must include your written signature. Siena Heights does not accept transcript requests by email or telephone. 6. 7. 8. 9. Normal processing time is 24 hours, but may be longer at the beginning or end of the semester. Please allow ample time for your particular needs. Send your request to: There is a $3.00 fee for each transcript requested in person or by mail; $5.00 for each faxed transcript request. The fee must be paid before a transcript will be released. Inperson or mail requests must include a check or money order made out to Siena Heights University. For fax requests, payment can be made by Visa or Mastercard; include card number, expiration date and signature of the cardholder. your current address and phone. address where the transcript is to be sent. processing fee ($3 or $5 - see above) your signature and the date of the request. Siena Heights University Attn: Registrar’s Office 1247 E. Siena Heights Dr. Adrian, MI 49221 or bring your request to: Registrar’s Office, Sacred Heart Hall, Adrian campus; open Mon.-Fri., 8 a.m.-5 p.m. or fax your request to: 517-264-7744. FERPA Guidelines: Transcripts will not be released if you have a financial obligation with the University. FERPA guidelines regarding release of student records are adhered to. You may request that your transcript be held until grades have been recorded or changed or degree has been posted. • We cannot release transcripts without a written request with your signature. • Parents, relatives, or friends may not request a transcript for you. • Parents, relatives or friends may not pick up your transcript without your written permission. • Transcripts sent or issued directly to you will be stamped “Issued to Student.” • Transcripts will not be released if you have a financial obligation to the University. • Your signature must appear on the request and requests must be pre-paid. When requesting a copy of your transcript, bring, mail or fax your request in writing to the Office of the Registrar. In your letter, be sure to include: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. your full name. any former name(s). your social security number your date of birth your last date of attendance or graduation date from Siena Heights.