Reflections Magazine Issue #54 - Fall 2000 - Page 24

24 Planned Giving: meeting goals and saying thanks o hear Kathlene Costello talk, there’s no job better than hers. As the director of planned giving at Siena Heights University, Kathlene works with donors to find charitable gift solutions that help them achieve a multitude of personal goals. “Planned giving is a wonderful opportunity for Siena Heights and for our donors,” she says with enthusiasm. “There are so many ways to structure a gift, and people are so excited when they realize they can make a substantial contribution and take care of themselves or their loved ones, too.” Italian grandparents who were “so proud to be in America that they were constantly giving back to the community. My grandfather always said, you have to give back.” Kathlene has returned to her hometown after living all over the country. She now “gives back” through involvement with the Monroe Historical Society, River Raisin Center for the Arts, Junior League and Monroe County Community College Alumni Board, among other commitments. She also is president of Toledo’s Management Forum, a networking group that provides scholarships for women. Before coming to Siena Heights in June, Kathlene handled planned giving for the Nature Conservancy in Michigan and Missouri, and for the Missouri branch of Boys and Girls Town. She did additional fund raising for the Toledo Botanical Garden and several political candidates. In her previous business career, she worked extensively in sales, marketing and training for such companies as Estee Lauder, Calvin Klein and Evan Picone. And let’s face it, she says, “When it comes to our savings and estates, most of us would rather not have it all go to the government. Planned giving is an excellent way to avoid that.” Bequests are one kind of planned gift (see story on page 30). “There are, however, many options in addition to putting Siena Heights in your will,” Kathlene said. Gift annuities, trusts and unitrusts, stocks and securities all offer unique benefits. Often, a donor can make a major contribution to the University while also providing financial security for themselves or a beneficiary. She is delighted to be at Siena Heights now and looks forward to meeting alumni and friends. “There’s nothing more satisfying,” she added, “than helping someone find a way to say thank you to Siena Heights while gaining the peace of mind that comes from taking care of those you love—helping send a grandchild to college, for example, or ensuring income for a spouse.” Caring for family while contributing to charitable causes is a lifelong tradition for Kathlene, who grew up in Monroe between two sets of Gifts in Honor In honor of Norman A. Bukwaz Philip T. and Deborah Carter In honor of Deborah Carter Denis Lee Huffman “Everyone I’ve talked to is very committed to Siena Heights,” Kathlene said. “They know the character-building that takes place here, and they believe in the mission of the University. “They’re also very pleased to know how planned giving can help them honor those Siena Heights traditions and say thank you,” she said. “It’s very rewarding. I love my job!” For information about planned giving, contact Kathlene Costello by telephone (517-264-7144), by email ( or by writing to her at Siena Heights. Gifts in Memory In memory of Jill Christine Boddy Eric M. Boddy Lincoln National Corporation In memory of Jean Cecile Hunt, OP Lynne Harned In memory of Gottfried and Sophia Piel and Thomas and Caroline Dawson Sophia Dawson Charitable Trust In memory of Anne Marie Brown, OP Patricia Hoffman Kostell In memory of Noel Francoeur, N. Lawrence Francoeur and Sr. Petronella Francoeur Marilyn Francoeur, OP In memory of Gottlieb and Sophie Capoun A. Evelyn Capoun In memory of M. Ann Joachim, OP Mary Elizabeth Katz In memory of Emilio Chiodini and Mildred Fontana Warren L. and Catherine Reuther In memory of Mary Klemm Lippold Marcine Klemm, OP Jean Agnes A. Klemm, OP In memory of Ruby Stepanich Elizabeth Geyer In memory of Ann Mikolowski Gretchen Whitman In memory of Frank S. Stimson Miriam M. Stimson, OP In honor of Genevieve Weber Barbara Boylan-Lewis In memory of Melissa Dini-Kohlsted Matthew Joseph and Laura Kathleen Schwartz James Paul In memory of Kelly Anne Parkinson Kimberly L. Hudgins In honor of Jane Weber Sharon R. Weber, OP In memory of Larry Francoeur Bank of Lenawee In memory of Michele Lynne Van Gasse Jerome J. Van Gasse In honor of Ursula Thompson Foley Nadine Foley, OP In honor of Marie Irene Miller, OP John Lord In honor of Elizabeth Mary Regan, OP Thomas P. and Beverly J. Moore In honor of Jodie Screes, OP William R. Screes In memory of M. Basil Sheridan , OP and Jean Marie Sheridan, OP Robert and Colleen M. Kaltz In memory of Ruth Steiner, OP Kathleen Griffiths In memory of David J. Van Horn, C.PP.S. Marcia A. Best Sandra Coha