Reflections Magazine Issue #54 - Fall 2000 - Page 11

Sure enough the reporter tested her, and Lena picked all the right colors by feel. It made a wonderful story and the two of them laughed over their secret: that the yarn absorbs greater amounts of dye in dark colors making a coarser texture. Only Lena could sense such subtle differences. One of the most exciting classes I had in Studio Angelico came about as a result of a discussion among a group of my classmates. We were all frustrated by our inability to consistently produce good designs, so we asked Sister how to know intellectually what makes a good design. Her answer came in the form of our next two workshops: Abstract Design and Applied Design. Sister Helene’s design principles From an early “Siena Heights: A Catholic College for Women” pulled everything together. viewbook:“Making one’s own clothes can be a fascinating adventure I have used her principles of when one starts with weaving and ends with wearing. In the tranquil design in my own art and as atmosphere of Studio Angelico the material is woven and brought to the a teacher of high school and clothing construction class where it eventually takes shape as part of the student’s wardrobe.” college students over the Art students also were encouraged to take years. They still work today as a logical, coherent method of design that as many philosophy courses as we were able to fit into our schedules. Sister reasoned that can be applied in any medium. making art is a process of abstracting from Studio Angelico became recognized nature, and in order to abstract an artist needs nationally as a rich source for liturgical art to understand the essence of things. She apof high quality. Religious cards for all occaplied philosophical principles to the making sions designed and produced by Sister and of art and built her lessons around the Four advanced calligraphy students were sought Respects of Art: Respect for Idea, Respect for after. Orders arrived from individuals and Purpose, Respect for Tools, and Respect for institutions across the country. There were Material. The Four Respects literally stood many opportunities to take on commissions as signposts in Studio Angelico, and if you in all the other shops as well. As students, think about it, an object cannot exist if any we filled orders for religious statues, ceramic one Respect is absent. objects, and hand-woven items to name a I should have begun these recollections few. The completed work became the subject of photographs to be included in our with Sister Helene’s definition of art, because it was her philosophy as an artist. Every Studio portfolios. Angelico student from my time could tell you At the end of four years, art majors had that “art is the right making of that which needs completed a considerable body of work repto be made.” She defended her definition of art resenting their knowledge and skill in a wide by suggesting, “If you ever wore a pair of shoes range of techniques. The highest honor an art that pinched, or sat in a chair that wobbled, or major could receive upon graduation was to poured from a pitcher that dribbled, you would be awarded “The Portfolio,” a leather binder know it wasn’t art.” that zipped around three sides, embossed with Sister Helene’s own beautiful liturgical art “Studio Angelico” in gold letters. This signified that the student had excelled in all aspects in the form of stained glass windows, bas relief and incised carvings, marble statues, and calof art. It was the summa cum laude of art. ligraphic works all serve as the highest form of art: raising hearts and minds to God. A Legacy of Artists 11 Faculty Exhibition Aug. 22-Sept. 14 Postmodern Heretics? The Catholic Imagination in Contemporary Art Works by Andres Serrano, Kiki Smith, Jeffrey Vallance, Joel-Peter Witkin Sept. 19-Oct. 26 Muses, Madonnas, Maidens and Maenads: Images of Women in Prints, 1497-1961 Oct. 31-Nov. 29 High School Art Day Exhibition Dec. 5-10 BA Senior Group Exhibition I Works by Elisa Barron, Deloris Clark, Anita Clegg, Chris Gaffner Jan. 9-14 BA Senior Group Exhibition II Works by Jamie Johnson, Joe Marsh, Shannon Wade Jan. 16-21 BFA Senior Show: Aneesah McNamee Jan. 23-28 People’s Choice Exhibition Feb. 1-March 8 BFA Senior Show: Rachel Barrett March 13-18 BFA Senior Show: Shawn Dlabal March 20-25 BFA Senior Show: Connie Mirelez March 27-April 1 BFA Senior Show: Vicki Hayes April 3-8 BFA Senior Show: Angela Smith April 10-15 BFA Senior Show: Alexander Fentonis April 17-22 BFA Senior Show: Amanda Young April 24-29 Miniature Golf Course Designed by Paul McMullan’s 3D Design classes May 1-11