Reflections | Lifestyle Magazine Reflections Vol14 No5 - Page 99

F or the past t o years cu inary artist eni er Santana has een crafting baking, and decorating sweet treats of unparalleled beauty at her local shop Ba ing S eets Academy After recei ing mu tip e re uests she no invites customers to come behind the counter and learn how to make the e uisite ca es puddings and pastries that are guaran- teed to e the centerpiece of any party e sat in on eni er s ca e pop c ass ear ier this month and no ant to share her onderfu teachings ith you ather the fami y together and nd that a simp e round a . of cake can be transformed into a simple, fun, and beautiful ho iday acti ity Decorating Making the Perfect Cake Pop 1 Our pops mimic a Christmas tree classic: sing any o ed mi simp y ma e and a o ca e to coo 2 Crum e ca e efore mi ing ith icing to form round ca e a efrigerate 3 In a microwavable bowl, melt choco ate pieces prefera y Candy e ts using second increments unti smooth 4 Dip ½ inch of a long lollipop stick into melted chocolate before inserting into refrigerated ca e a 5 Dip and swirl cake pop into melted mi to create a nice e en coating Allow pop to dry before repeating unti fu y co ered 6 Refrigerate iced pops for a few minutes to allow chocolate coating to harden 7 epeat unti a pops are iced e hope you en oy a g ittery ho iday ornament 1 sing a non to ic paint rush co er cake pop with clear piping gel until isi y shiny 2 With the same paintbrush, pat on edible glitter until pop is evenly co ered ip use a spray ott e to lightly mist before adding further coats of g itter 3 Create your detai s y mo ding a yte gum and fondant mi ture Cut a simp e circle and loop for the top of your ornament 4 Using gold edible paint, coat your detai s unti co ered emem er a itt e goes a ong ay 5 Using a small bit of piping gel, stick fondant details onto the top of your pop a o ing up to minutes to dry 6 Once solid, it’s time to take pics of the na product and en oy Re f 97