Reflections | Lifestyle Magazine Reflections Vol14 No5 - Page 90

F O O D and E N T E R T A I N I N G COCKTAIL HOUR Spirits to Get You in the Christmas Spirit B Y K AT E B U S H P H O T O G R A P H Y B Y PA I G E G L A Z E R C O C K TA I L S B Y Z A C H M O O N E Y Christmas Cocktail Hour at the Ford Plantation is just around the corner Assistant ood and Be erage anager ach Mooney, has spent the past couple of weeks creating a collec- tion of spirited drin s to he p ring in the season ord anta- tion members will know Zach for his ability to tailor cocktails to their taste or this ho iday season he s compi ed a ist of signature drin s mode ed after mem er s fa orites to he p spread Christmas cheer in the Hi fo o ing the instructions e o 88 Re f n oy them at home y erry Christmas e eryone