Reflections | Lifestyle Magazine Reflections Vol14 No5 - Page 82

A FOOD E N T E RTA I N I N G n entrepreneur has no timeline on vive. Katie was air-evacuated to Memorial Hospital to be treated success. We see this in private chef, for life-threatening injuries. Years of surgery, healing, depression, caterer, and event planner Katie El- and feelings of loss would follow. But, sustained by her goal and zey, who has developed her talents to supported by her husband, Mike, she eventually returned to her meet her life’s goal of creating food life’s dream. She created a website, made business cards, planned in a myriad of formats. Today, she menus, began to volunteer at charitable events, and took consider- works to bring people together by able chances that would help her prevail. Motivated by Savannah nourishing their souls. Even as a young woman, the world of food called to her. chef and writer, Susan Mason, her dream of owning her own busi- ness came to fruition. Throughout everything, Mike has not only Her love of life translated into been her biggest supporter, but has each culinary creation; each bite taken an interest in the business as meant that she was taking care of well. Clients, friends, and family people. She’s always known that will often find him grilling lamb food invites conversation, togeth- chops at many of Katie’s events. erness, and joy. But it would be And, when she was down, the a long time before this vocation example her mother provided sus- could fully sustain her. Her family tained her. After being widowed, worried about her having success this quietly powerful woman ran and stability at culinary institute, a business while raising four chil- Johnson and Wales, and instead dren on her own before marrying convinced her to go to Roa- a wonderfully tenacious entrepre- noke College to study Hotel and neur who would later teach Katie Restaurant Management. how to persevere through adversi- But this entrepreneur never ty. Even still, Katie looks to these gave up. Restaurant management role models for advice. jobs at Starwood Hotels would Today, her business, KATIE, provide her the ingredients to ac- has made a name for itself by pro- complish her dream. She would viding unparalleled catering and go on to train under a Culinary event planning services. In her Institute of America Chef while role as private chef, Katie serves living in the Hamptons, an in- clients from all walks of life. She credible introduction to the realm frequents venues all across the of fine food. state at destinations such as The Landings, Sea Pines, Harbor She began to follow what felt Town, and The Ford Plantation. right, to feel proud of what she was doing. Her experience and training gave her sendoff. From romantic dinners for two, small gatherings, and birthday Katie came to Savannah as an Assistant General Manager at parties to weddings, baby showers, and corporate events, she pro- the Marriott; she treated this as a chance to save money for her vides a diverse range of delicious creations that are guaranteed to own business. Next came The Olde Pink House, where she famil- create that WOW moment. Talented, creative, and successful, a iarized herself with an environment providing fine dining. Associ- young girl’s dreams are fulfilled. The accident that almost stripped ation with the city’s most talented chefs would teach her countless her of everything served as inspiration to go on. invaluable lessons. “Get up and go” and “get it done” are her philosophies. It . Suddenly, life intervened. After a dinner with friends and seems that, for this talented and determined woman, the glass is family, she was riding home when her car collided with a trailer always half full. A true entrepreneur, she continues to show a te- parked illegally on an exit ramp. Her friend, the driver, did not sur- nacity to succeed. 80 Re f