Reflections | Lifestyle Magazine Reflections Vol14 No5 - Page 71

CAMERON STYER { E BEYOND THESE FOUR WALLS How GSU Student, Cameron Styer, Works Outside Society’s Box } xpectation. Whether you know it gia Real Estate License, enabling her to or not, this little word has formed take on even more tasks at the firm. So, what does success mean for a 20-year-old licensed realtor? Simply, to continue breaking the mold. the curves and straights in your Despite it being one of the hardest life’s path since the moment it courses she’s ever taken, she juggled sum- “I like to push the envelope a little first began. But when does expectation– mer classes and volunteer work as a youth bit with everything I do,” she said. “I don’t whether it comes from a parent, men- leader at Coastal Community Christian really like to do things the typical way. A tor, or from within–start to box you in? Church while getting her license. She be- lot of people think you have to fit into this As a young adult, could the expectation lieves that having gone against the normal mold and do things just so, but maybe I that you should “1) go to school, 2) work order of things helped her succeed. want to do things a little out of order. [Ris- on weekends, 3) build up your resume, “Working in an office before I got my ing beyond people’s expectations] is what 4) land a job” keep you from achieving license really helped me gain experience,” fuels me. If you tell me I can’t do some- an even greater success? For 20-year-old she said. “I had a chance to learn the terms thing because of my age, then I’m motivat- GSU student, Cameron Styer, it might. [real estate agents] use in real life before I ed to try and find a way to do it.” But she has taken little time to consider was being tested on them. It really helped what she should do, and is instead break- me–especially since I haven’t bought a ing the mold in both her school and pro- house before.” fessional life to show everyone what she can do. For the past year and a half, Cameron has learned the ins and outs of Richmond Hill’s real estate market through her ex- F or Cameron, “pushing the envelope” means buying a house at a younger age than anyone else she knows and possibly Y ou might wonder how a 20-year-old making partner at her firm. But for the has the confidence to tell you that the next couple of years, she’ll continue to en- contract on your house fell through. That, courage older generations to take a chance too, was a skill learned from experience. on younger people whenever possible. perience as an Administrative Assistant at “My first year there, I was very timid,” “We know a lot of stuff,” Cameron Bodaford Property Management. A near she laughed. “But in property management, concluded. “Just because we haven’t lived it anomaly in this field, she works alongside you deal with a lot of people who are upset doesn’t mean we can’t learn about it if giv- coworkers almost twice her age in collect- with you. I started to mirror my coworker in en the opportunity. Someone much older ing rent, inputting maintenance requests, the way that she handles things. She’s been than me can experience something for the scheduling home inspections, and provid- doing real estate for about 11 years so I, for first time; someone can go their whole life ing information to lenders and closing at- a long time, just watched her and observed without experiencing much at all. Life has torneys. And, as if that isn’t enough to fill so many different situations. I would just never been a formula. It’s all about what a resume, she’s recently earned her Geor- think: ‘how would she handle a situation?’” you’re willing to do.” Re f 69