Reflections | Lifestyle Magazine Reflections Vol14 No5 - Page 7

ents features A Santa With A Certificate W R I T T E N B Y C H E R Y L PA N G B O R N hat goes on behind the scenes in a professional Claus life ecent graduate from the Charles . oward chool for antas in idland ichigan uane Minding the Gap The Age-Old Tale of Coming Into Your Own W R I T T E N B Y K AT E B U S H hat do a oy cout a budding real estate agent and a business owner have Carlton discusses the networking in common training and research re uired to community s rising generation of young become a successful anta. professionals in a feature exploring 56 ee the faces behind this entrepreneurial spirit. 65 A Holiday How-To W R I T T E N B Y PA I G E G L A Z E R Chef eniffer antana of aking weets cademy provides the recipe for unbelievably adorable holiday cake pops in a step by step tutorial. 96 Re f 5