Reflections | Lifestyle Magazine Reflections Vol14 No5 - Page 67

PURSUITS MINDING THE GAP { THE AGEOLD TALE OF COMING INTO YOUR OWN } B Y K AT E B U S H P H O T O G R A P H Y B Y M I C H E L L E LY N N M O R R I S I t was only a couple of weeks not what you know. To a self-re- ago that I entered this com- flective introvert, this was bad munity with the intention of news. I quickly learned that es- fully immersing myself. I’ll ad- tablishing yourself in the world mit it’s been hard. When I think is hard; your work doesn’t al- about a region with as much ways speak for itself. And when history as Richmond Hill, I you’re young, it takes a lot of struggle to see how I, a 22-year- confidence to approach new sit- old woman, could ever hope to make my uations with an attitude that screams, “I am mark. My first impression of this community valuable.” For this issue, I wanted to explore was that it was close-knit. A transplant from how other young people are expressing their Texas, my first challenge was to navigate that value. So, for the professors of my past, I closeness. You may already know that you’re combined what I know with who I know welcoming, you are. And you were quick to form a compilation of people within my to tell me your stories. But it wasn’t until I new community who, like me, are just be- decided to tell my own that I realized your ginning to climb the ladder to success. closeness could be my greatest ally. Our young entrepreneurs include a With the first issue I would ever over- 17-year-old Boy Scout who restored a signif- see at this publication, I went with what I icant part of our city’s history, a 20-year-old knew. Recently, a whole lot of what I know college student who just got her real estate is what it’s like to feel capable on the inside license, and a young business owner who has but appear incapable on the outside. I know made himself a household name. Together, what I look like; I have tattoos (which I they show us that hard work and diligence don’t yet regret), dyed hair (which I quite is all it takes. Show up. Work hard. Succeed. like), and a childlike, chubby face (which And that compels me to think that history I’m hoping will help me look thirty in my is always being written; to make your mark, fifties). Coming here, I knew I’d have to you must first put your pencil to the page. change. In college, my professors preached that success was all about who you know, I hope their stories inspire you just as they’ve inspired me. Re f 65