Reflections | Lifestyle Magazine Reflections Vol14 No5 - Page 54

HOME GARDEN “T o me, success is not dependent on other people’s opinions as much as it is me accomp ishing the goa s I set for myse f she said art of the pu of my Instagram account is that I actua y post fai ed pro ects as e I don t fee i e I need to e perfect hat s hy I sho peop e hen I suc at something it s tota y o ut it s something I ant to get etter at Throughout each relocation, renovation, and gut job, so much more than her o e of creating something from scratch remains Her i rant get up and go spirit has continued to inspire Instagram fo o ers and community mem ers he essence of her ife s or app ies to e erything she does hard or and di i- gence are her muses here are a ot of peop e that uc into things she said But the peop e who really inspire me are the ones that I can tell are just really hard work- ers Ha ing a great work ethic is, in my . opinion, the key to success in business and in ife 52 Re f “ Sometimes, a project doesn’t come out right the rst try and that s o ay “Don’t give up”