Reflections | Lifestyle Magazine Reflections Vol14 No5 - Page 53

“My parents made me capa e i i said here as so much purpose ehind thin ing a out things efore I did them and trying to gure it out on my o n y con dence gre and I rea i ed cutting ood as easy a - most as easy as cutting out a piece of paper Soon, she realized interior design was more than just a passion, but a vo- cation Supported y the ise teachings of her parents she egan constructing arger pieces I too that mindset of guring stu out on my o n to ater oo at a piece of furniture and deconstruct it in my head she said hat s hen I rea y started ui ding hen designing a space i i rst searches for the perfect foca piece the rug ead fa ric door or chair that inspires her to ui d a concept around She i - ens it to nding a piece of fa ric and then pu ing comp imenting co ors to accent the rest of the space “Usually, my inspiration piece is something that can’t be reproduced,” she said It s easy to go and nd something that i or e ith a range of other pieces ut you ha e to nd that one origina piece I rea y fee i e intage pieces ha e the potentia to shape the direction of the room I can isua i e the entire space efore I e en start hen I ust ha e to t ea the design a itt e it as I go hen she can t nd the foca point of her imagination she simp y creates it from scratch his s i of hers has een a dra for c ients and Instagram fo o ers a i e She s een di igent enough to document her processes to share on socia media And a though her Instagram page ma es her ife oo picture perfect i i is sure to sho the agged edges ehind I design ife She uses Instagram as a platform to show her skills, but she’s never been shy about posting her failures, too An e ort to reach fans of a s i levels, she tries to impart that she is, in no ay perfect Sometimes a pro - ect doesn t come out right the rst try and that s o ay on t gi e up is a mantra easi y associated ith her “ There was so much purpose behind thinking about things before I did them and trying to gure it out on my o n Re f 51