Reflections | Lifestyle Magazine Reflections Vol14 No5 - Page 51

HOME GARDEN Nikki Grandy in her home in Richmond Hill, Georgia CRAFTING STYLE T How Self-Made Interior Designer, Nikki Grandy, “Does-It-Herself” o no Interior esigner it yourse f and i i randy you e got to no I and I o or in progress are the terms that ha e come to de ne the range of uni ue pieces she creates and shares ith o er ers through her Instagram hand e fo o - ni i grandy or this mi itary ife and mom, a typical day means DIYing anything from custom porch swings and upholstered chairs to one of a ind t shirts to gi e a ay to one of her many fans Hunter Army Air e d and residing in ichmond Hi o stationed at i i sp its her time et een eing an acti e mom and an a id home ipper the dra of our community s housing mar et is pro ing idea for this o er of design At the root of her passion to ta e on ne design cha enges is a chi dhood B Y L A I N E Y S TA N D I F O R D PHOTOGRAPHY BY M I C H E L L E LY N N M O R R I S ed ith hands on e perience rom a young age her father considered her one of the oys and e pected her to rise up to the same cha enges as them hen maintaining their Ari ona catt e ranch Re f 49