Reflections | Lifestyle Magazine Reflections Vol14 No5 - Page 46

PEOPLE PLACES Today, the first employee they ever hired, Jerry Morgan, is still a loyal member of their team. of hundreds. No matter the project, clients there might not be a final rung at all. No, can trust that Ben and Susie will find the some will always continue to climb higher right guy. but, hopefully, with the strength to ease the “If it’s got to do with industry, we do ascent. What is success for someone whose it.” Ben said. “That’s what people like about ladder doesn’t end? For Ben and Susie, it us. They know that if they give us work, rests in those climbing with them. we’re going to perform. We’re going to make it happen somehow.” “I think success means [pursuing] the things that you’re passionate about and try- In the end, we vary from our theme ing to do the very best you can for the peo- of entrepreneurs just starting to climb the ple you care about,” Susie said. “Our whole ladder of success to look at two who have company is a part of that. If somebody is in reached the top. But an interesting revela- need–whether they work for us or live in our tion gathered from the MacMillans is that community–we’re going to help as much as . we can. Having the means to do that is suc- cess for us.” Above: Ben and Susie, ever the fun and giving couple. Ben and Susie’s wedding in June of 1972. Right: The entire MacAljon team works to preserve this 300 year old oak tree, dubbed the “Tree of Life” by building their infrastructure around it. Ben and Susie beside the first employee they ever hired, Jerry Morgan. Far right: A young Ben sports a flat cap at MacAljon’s 1982 company Christmas party. Ben and Susie converse with Reggie Cavinder and son-in-law, Andy Dyer, and MacAljon’s first affiliate, K Machine. 44 Re f