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house to the next–doing “anything [they] er, were able to enter industrial plants with could just to pay the rent,” Ben ended up the expertise to get any job done. working alongside his brother Paul as a pipe “These guys just kind of went into fitter for his uncle and cousin’s company, Al- plants and said ‘hey, we know how to do loy Welding. Both Union workers seeking this stuff,’” Susie said. “It was quite an inter- more from their craft, it wasn’t long before esting few years, but we were finally able to they teamed up with Alan and John Usher hire someone else to come in and add to the to form one crazy idea. skills we’d cultivated.” “All of a sudden, these four–Ben, Alan, Paul, and John–got together and thought That first employee, Jerry Morgan, is still a loyal member of their team. that they could do this business on their “He said he was 18 but I wouldn’t be own,” Susie said. “And at the beginning, it surprised if he was really 16,” Ben said. “But was a scary time because I was like, ‘we don’t he needed a job and we needed help and have any money.’ I spent my nights doing that’s kind of where we started from.” their bookkeeping at the kitchen table while Ben and the guys worked however long they had to. Did I want to do it? No. But they had a plan and I was right there with them.” T oday, almost 40 years after their found- ing, MacAljon oversees five major companies and the aforementioned 14 total With only two pickup trucks and four affiliates across nine locations throughout men, the MacAljon team experienced their the southeast. Their expertise spans across fair share of obstacles. But they began learn- a range of trades; the same mentality that ing a wide range of trades and, sooner or lat- the four founders had is now the mindset Ben and Susie MacMillan at their daughter company, K Machine, in Savannah. That was about all we had nd a lot of love Re f 43