Reflections | Lifestyle Magazine RHR Vol14 No5 - Page 44

PEOPLE PLACES Members of this community will know Ben and Susie MacMillan’s serving industry, MacAljon, for its versatility; nearly every place compassion, almost unparalleled in today’s industry. When we look at the Mac- Millan’s humble beginnings, it’s easy to see how they’re able to translate that compas- sion into a gracious managerial style today. maintenance, construction, or industry-re- Their corporate empire started with lated job would have been completed by nothing more than the $300 given to them either them or one of their 14 affiliates. To- by Susie’s parents after their wedding in 1972. day, the MacMillans oversee more than 700 “That $300 was about all we had,” Su- people allied under the MacAljon name. sie said. “And a lot of love!” Ben added. However, “700 people” isn’t how Ben and Susie look at their workforce. Instead, they call attention to the 400 families that have come to form the MacAljon name. Because MacAljon is more than a business to them, 42 Re f F or a while, their lives were defined by nothing more than hard labor. Shortly after his sophomore year at Southern Tech, it’s a family. From the managers and CFOs Ben returned home to run a home building to the men sweeping the plant’s floor, every company on behalf of his cousins. When the member of the MacAljon family is provided start-up didn’t come to fruition, he joined the same company benefits. Craftsmen from the Union, Local 188. After a strange peri- all over the state seek out this level of work- od of odd jobs and moving from one rental