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“ ONE THING I’VE LEARNED IS THAT FAMILY COMES FIRST…,” BUT MORE THAN JUST YOUR HOME LIFE, YOUR COWORKERS ARE FAMILY TOO.” and more interpersonal; now a family man, different. I’ve realized that students are in Trip began splitting his time between the the middle. The rest of us support functions students at the university and his two young that enable students to succeed. At times, children at home. you don’t feel like you’re on a college cam- “One thing I’ve learned is that family comes first,” he said. “But more than just your home life, your coworkers are family too. You’ve got to be compassionate in any environment and understand that there Trip and his wife Ashley, along with their two beautiful children. Photo taken on the GSU campus at Sweetheart Circle. pus, but rather in a community.” F or an established 40 Under 40, there is nowhere to go but up. Although Trip believes that, once you are established, could be things impacting somebody out- you’ve got to continue to build, he takes a side of work. You need to really understand moment to consider his accomplishments. what encapsulates [a person] so you can set What does success mean for this young en- them up for success.” trepreneur? Trip’s definition seems to be an accumulation of his life’s experiences; today, A s VP of University Advancement, he welcomes any change the future is bound External Affairs, and President of the to bring: Georgia Southern University Foundation, “Ultimately, personal and professional Trip oversees fundraising, marketing and success is one in the same,” he said. “Pro- communications, relations, fessional success enables personal success. economic and multi-media development What I believe is that, between me and my for the university. What’s unique about this wife, we’re going to produce two wonderful role is that his past experiences as a student kids that are going to go on and do some- have helped dictate his decisions as an ad- thing greater than what we’ve done. In my ministrator. mind, that’s what success is going to be government “[Actually having gone to GSU] has for me.” given me an appreciation of how students act, how alumni think,” Trip said. “But be- ing on a campus as an administrator is very Re f 35