Reflections | Lifestyle Magazine Reflections Vol14 No5 - Page 13

AT ANY STAGE IN LIFE, BUILDING THE PERFECT RECIPE FOR SUCCESS IS CHALLENGING. In the last 14 years at this publication, I’ve learned a lot by listening to those who have walked in similar shoes before me. As I process a conversation I had with a mentor and friend just yesterday, I realize that the top-rated element of success among those I call mentors is relationships. I’ll never forget the day I attended an interview with my Dad during which he was asked about his secret to success. His answer: “I surround myself with good and honest people. I allow them to do their jobs well and I try to take good care of them.” Forever ingrained in my head, I do my best to constantly apply this mentality to my life. After all, what you put in is what you get out. Recently, we added an art director and an editor to our team at Reflections. I am now surrounded by four amazing women who each bring their own special ingredients to the table. Together, our minds meet and communicate our brand’s message through channels far exceeding our publication in the hopes of reaching you, our reader. As we finish our fourteenth volume of Reflections, we’ve excitedly embraced a new look for our brand. Reflections Media Communications, as you may have noted, is the hub of our operation with Reflections Lifestyle Magazine being our flagship product. If you have ever built a new website, you know the time and detail that goes into it—we will keep you posted on the launch of as it progresses to fruition. We pride ourselves in developing your story. We launch brands here, grow brands here, and are happy to invite your brand to live here. Best wishes for a safe holiday season and a successful new year! Paige Glazer PUBLISHER Re f 11