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WHAT ARE YOU C R AV I N G? W e all know the comfort that a cheeseburger brings in a foreign place. Chicken fingers or a slice of pepperoni pizza, even a soup of the day can transform a local mom and pop joint into a chain you recognize from back home. We embrace a lot of new things on the road. So, when that familiar food item pops out from between Savannah Red Rice, Hoppin’ John, and Brunswick Stew, it looks good. It looks safe. But to turn down a po’boy is to say ‘no’ to local culture. In our case, what we eat is actually a summation of what we’ve come to understand about our history. Trades made during the Colonial era, spices and grains cultivated by slaves, migrants who brought to Georgia what made them remember home. All of these experiences have come together to form the culinary climate we enjoy today. The food in Richmond Hill is as much a blend of cultures as any port city benefitting from delicious diversity. From Spanish to seafood, German to “Gullah,” here is a list of local restaurants that invite you to experience the best of southern cuisine. THE CONCIERGE | Richmond Hill Geor gia | 2019 115