Red Wind Newsletter

REDEEM AS MANY POINTS AS YOU WANT, ANY TIME. One of the best benefits of being a Club Red member is the ability to redeem points on your Club Red card for cash. It’s something no other casino in the area offers, and we know how much our guests love it. You’ve been asking for the ability to redeem as many points as you want, any time you want, with no limit. Well, guess what? We’ve been listening, and now you can. We’re proud to announce the newest benefit of Club Red: LIMITLESS. Redeeming points for CASH at Red Wind just got even better. Now, there’s no limit to how many points you can redeem. Redeem on a balance of more than 1,000 points at Club Red or for CASH right at your machine! No matter how many points you have, you can redeem them without any limits or restrictions. The sky’s the limit. So why limit yourself? There’s only one place to go for unlimited point redemption. It’s LIMITLESS, and it’s only at Nisqually Red Wind Casino. CHINESE NEW YEAR VALENTINE’S DAY DINNER SPECIALS LUCKY SEVEN Welcome in the Year of the Monkey by going bananas at Red Wind. Win the heart of your sweetheart by appealing to their stomach. Sundays and Thursdays, there’s double the chances of winning $7K.