Red Wind Newsletter

TEAM MEMBER SPOTLIGHT We’re rolling into the New Year by rolling out the red carpet for Vivian Clermont, who has been with us for almost three years as a security operator. Growing up in the golden age of Hollywood, Vivian travelled from set to set with her father, famous casting director Harvey Clermont. As she grew older, she continued to travel and learned a variety of skills and lessons that aid her to this day. Harvey Clermont, Vivian’s father, first broke into show business as a casting assistant on the classic motion picture Gone with the Wind, where his future wife was a stand-in. Casting for 20 years at Paramount and another 20 years at Universal, Harvey Clermont was the casting director on such notable programs as The Mod Squad, The Big Valley, Lassie and Perry Mason. Growing up on famous movie sets, Vivian remembers times interacting with Hollywood’s greatest stars: “Oh, well, there was James Dean, and Elizabeth Taylor who really was that beautiful in person, really a natural beauty, and Rock Hudson too.” Vivian carries with her incredible memories such as when she sang with Bing Crosby, met famous Bond girl Jill St. John and even hung out with Disney’s Mouseketeers! Immersed since birth in show business, Vivian took to the stage at Hollywood Professional School where she acted, sang and danced. When she was old enough, Vivian began to audition and help her father in his casting agency. During her childhood and adolescence, Vivian learned new skills and met new people, but the greatest impact on her life came from Rosalind Russell who “became a mentor and gave great advice and had a real positive outlook on life.” Vivian came to view the world through a lens of positivity and selfempowerment. Looking around at the scripted smiles and drama of Hollywood, Vivian left the casting rooms for the classrooms of UCLA and used the tools she learned working in her dad’s office to become an executive secretary for a variety of companies. The guiding lights in Vivian’s life have been her belief in herself and the power of positivity. Her infectious spirit can be felt through the phones she operates and by all those who pass by her desk in the general office. During her almost three years working at Red Wind, she has inspired others and shared her incredible stories of growing up in Hollywood. She’s spent an entire lifetime helping to captivate audiences, and we’re proud to have her continuing to do exactly that at Red Wind. NEW YEAR’S EXTENDED HOURS $90,000 LUCKY SEVEN CHINESE NEW YEAR Open Thursday, December 29 at 8 am through Tuesday, January 3 at 5 am. Your luck is improving, all the way up to the tune of $90,000. The Year of the Rooster will give you something to crow about.