Red Wind Newsletter

TEAM MEMBER SPOTLIGHT Meet Jesse! He has been a member of the Security Department at Nisqually Red Wind Casino since August, 2013 and enjoys his position as a Security Lead and Podium Operator. “Well, I love working at Red Wind because I love making people happy and I also like making people feel safe,” Jesse says. “So I get to do both being part of the security team.” Jesse came to Red Wind from a military background and he continues to serve today. He joined the Army National Guard ten years ago and is “still going strong,” he says. In addition to serving in Iraq from 2008 to 2009, Jesse was also called to duty at home to aid in local emergencies. In 2007, he assisted in the relief efforts for the Centralia floods and again for the 2013 forest fires in eastern Washington. As a member of the military, Jesse knows how important it is to donate to military families. “I have participated in the military fundraisers at Red Wind,” he says. “I think it’s a great thing to participate in. Veterans need help and I know that from experience having been in the military for ten years. We rarely ask for help, so when there’s an opportunity to, we all should.” When he isn’t actively serving or providing world class guest service, Jesse likes to collect movies, “I currently own more than 1,000,” Jesse says. But also he seems to have quite the knack for photography, as he once sold a picture he took to National Geographic when he was just 19. Our thanks go out to Jesse not only for his work keeping our guests safe at Red Wind, but especially for his continued service to our nation. Jesse is a valued member of our team and a credit to our country. 24 HOURS LABOR DAY WEEKEND LUCKY SEVEN ROLLOVER RICHES From September 1 to 5, Red Wind is open 24 hours a day. Lucky Seven gets even luckier with $90,000 up for grabs. Ready to roll? Who knows how high the pot will grow?