Red Wind Newsletter

CANOE JOURNEY 2016 - PADDLE TO NISQUALLY Canoe Journey 2016 will be landing at the Port of Olympia on July 30 and continue through August 6. The Nisqually Tribe would like to welcome and celebrate all of the nations and other visitors to the area for the Paddle to Nisqually. The people of Nisqually have participated in the Canoe Journeys since 1994. The Canoe Journey is an annual gathering of Northwest indigenous nations. Originally inspired by the Paddle to Seattle in 1989 as part of Washington’s centennial, over 20 Canoe Journeys have taken place since 1993. The Canoe Journey now includes over 100 canoes and the participation of canoe families from many native canoe cultures and indigenous people from around the world. In this month’s issue of the Breeze, we’re including a commemorative keepsake insert about the history of the Canoe Journey. It’s yours to keep. We hope all our guests will use it as a reference to the history and significance the event has for the Nisqually Tribe. All of us look forward to seeing everyone at the Canoe Journey 2016 this year. We’re certain it will be a journey that no one ever forgets. 4TH OF JULY CELEBRATION LUCKY SEVEN ROLLOVER RICHES Set forth to Red Wind this July 4th for BBQ, live entertainment and fireworks Lucky Seven would be heaven if you won $7,000 Get on a roll with a share of the CASH in July