Red Wind Newsletter

TEAM MEMBER SPOTLIGHT This month, we have a special treat for our Breeze readers. We’re pleased to speak with Chef Roberto, Executive Chef for Red Wind’s new Seafood Restaurant, and get some insight on what he has planned for this holiday season. If you’ve not yet been to the Seafood Restaurant, Chef Roberto thinks that you are in for a surprise. Because at the sushi bar, guests get to see their food as it’s being prepared. “What’s going to surprise them is that you’re right there and participating, watching your appetizers and food being prepared. You can feel the heat, and see how much love is being put on your plate.” Chef Roberto maintains a highly trained kitchen, with a staff boasting many years of knife skills. “They’re putting on a show for you if you sit at the bar,” he says. “They’re keeping you entertained and want guests to feel like they’re a part of it, but we also have intimate booths and comfortable seating so you can join in only if you wish.” The quality of the food is also something Chef Roberto thinks guests will be impressed by. The salmon used at the restaurant is fresh and locally-caught by Northwest Tribes. “We’ve been working with the tribes since we started,” says Chef Roberto. The vegetables are local and seasonal, oysters and clams also come from local shellfish farms, our wild rice, plum jelly, maple syrup and other ingredients are sourced from tribes throughout the United States, and our cedar planks used in food preparation are made at our nearby tribal youth center. According to Roberto, “It’s all about ethical sourcing; we know who we’re supporting when we purchase the product. It’s about helping and sustaining the community around us.” Feedback from guests thus far has been overwhelmingly positive: “Food was fabulous!”, one guest wrote on their comment card. Now more people are coming to Red Wind specifically for the restaurant. We recently added sushi to the menu on Thursday through Saturday. “We’re the best sushi in the area!” says Chef Roberto. And with the new Eventide menu Mondays through Thursdays now taking off, with five-star quality food being offered at only $19.95 per person, things are only getting better. Come and see what all the buzz is all about at the Seafood Restaurant with Chef Roberto and his team. You’re sure to be swept away! $67,500 WHITE WINTER CASH BONJOUR, 2016! ROLLOVER RICHES It’s a winner wonderland, with $67,500 being given away. Say hello to the New Year with a chance to win $2,016. Roll over your calendar and roll into some cash at Red Wind.