Red Wind Newsletter

TWO BIG KENO WINS! One lucky guest at Nisqually Red Wind Casino won more than $111,000 at Keno! Using the same numbers, our extremely lucky winner won their first jackpot on 8 Spot Special for $49,935. Then they had a second jackpot on Progressive for $61,686, for a grand total of $111,621 on just two jackpots! You can’t help being excited by wins as big as these! Nisqually Red Wind Casino is now the one place to go for Keno. We’re the only casino in the area currently offering Keno, so for wins as big as this one, there’s only one option. If you love Keno (which you should), you can find it only in the Wind. Congratulations again to our GIGANTIC Keno $111,621 winner for having decided to come and play in the Wind. Winning BIG in the Wind can happen to any one at any time. It could be you! ROLLOVER RICHES RAINBOW SPIN LUCKY SEVEN ON MONDAYS The riches just keep on rolling at Red Wind. Take a spin on Rainbow Road this St Patty’s Day. Mondays are your new Lucky days.