Red Wind Newsletter

On the 12 Days of Christmas, your true love will give to thee an assortment of birds, trees and other gifts. But at Red Wind, our gifts are strictly CASH, and a lot of it. To put a bow on 2016, here are the 12 biggest winners of the year. BARBARA • $24,146 88 Fortunes DIANE • $21,615 Black Orchid ERICA • $16,692 ANDREW • $20,864 Lucky Lava Lucky Lava CATREENA • $20,347 WILLIAM • $24,000 Mega Meltdown Meltdown CHARLENE • $16,146 DIANNA • $19,000 Mega Meltdown Winniversary Drawing EDNA • $19,000 TRISHA • $23,217 Winniversary Drawing Mega Meltdown MARILYN • $16,825 88 Fortunes ERMA • $26,376 Mega Meltdown NEW YEAR’S PARTY! YOU’RE INVITED! STARRY NIGHT TREASURES ROLLOVER RICHES Dance the night away and into the New Year with Stir Crazy. Make a wish. It might just come true on a Starry Night. 2017 is rolling in with riches at Red Wind!